Suitable farm space


High feed cost


Sourcing new feed


Slow duckweed growth


Security concerns


Poor operation and execution


High cost and unreliability of supply


Lack of water sources


Few farms beyond Volta Lake


Harmful aquaculture practices


Poor financing


Illegal imports of fish through Togo

Our vision is to improve their quality of life, creating profitable small businesses to bless the hungry. We aim to build...


500 farms

in Ghana within 10 years.


How will we accomplish this goal?


This is the Tilapia.

This fish constitutes more than 90% of Ghana's total aquaculture harvest. However, imports of Tilapia are banned in order to encourage higher local production of the delicacy.


Through 5 Loaves 2 Fish, more efficient, sustainable practices in fish farming will be taught to Ghanaians.


are currently living in poverty.

To alleviate this, the Ghanaian government has prioritized the growth of aquaculture to be the number one priority.




Property of Ghanaian & Chinese farmers


A new feed source


Proprietary Duckweed formulation


Experiments and management


CCTV use


Training and management education


Solar pump and generator use


Solar pump and well construction


Use of fiber glass tank aquaculture


Environmentally friendly small farms


Investments, loans, and financial control


Accelerating development and distribution